replicate 01: a tribute to front line assembly

"What a nice surprise! As Front Line Assembly's "final" album hits the shelves, we are also treated to this celebratory mid-price debut from MOMT Records, a collection of online reinterpretations that absolutely belongs in your collection.

While most of the artists are new, many are also quite noteworthy, frequently offering bold visions of the FLA back catalog rather than copycat cover versions. Instruments, vocals, even tempos change along the way.

At first, the new versions are jarring; as Such's version of "Fatalist" opens the album, we realize that we've never heard these lyrics without vocal distortion! G-Gap follows with an extremely credible, percussive version of "Search and Destroy". Next up, C8K make the bold choice to cover "Infra Red Combat", a moody, complex piece that grows as it develops. Of all the album's songs, this one sticks closest to the original.

Mantizza's "Everything Must Perish" brings out the sadness in the track, burying whispered vocals under sharp, clear piano strikes before descending into fuzzy synthetic washes of sound. 21st Century Jesus tackled "Haloed XP", adding samples and a Downloadish vocal.

"Solitude of Confinement" is covered by K-Nitrate, who retain a sense of FLA's quick-pulse percussion, staying true to the original.

"Collapsed" appears here in a version by Pain Machinery, who duplicate FLA's best aspect, the layering of sounds for a cumulative effect. The anger of "Mental Distortion" is well captured by Maskfoder featuring Anticbotitic [sic], and Scribe Machine add inflection to "Threshold". Thoughtcrime brings us a sensitive, pensive rendering of "Digital Tension Dementia", and Mark R closes the album with the dramatic, immensely satisfying "Outcast".

Overall, Replicate01 is a testimony to FLA's enduring impact and influence. Extra credit to all the artists involved for avoiding the obvious covers.."

- Industrial Nation (Issue 20)


"Extrordinary bands and bands with a long history of records can very well expect a tribute cd to be released at some point. Sometimes they are bad and sometimes they are very good. This one is very good as the unknown bands and projects deliver good and quite different versions of the original Front Line Assembly tracks.

‘Fatalist’ interpreted by Such has a triphop feel and contains clean vocals. The Dutch G-Gap project knows how to convince even more with a really good version of ‘Search and Destroy’. C8K delivers a atmospheric yet heavy pounding industrial version of ‘Infra Red Combat’ with which the original version of the track is clearly recognizable. Mantizza’s ‘Everything Must Perish’ is a quiet interpretation that sounds a bit directionless. 21st Century Jesus covers ‘Haloed XP’ and does this really well, this song really gets going. K-Nitrate delivers a straightahead EBM techno track with their version of ‘Solitude of Confinement’. The Pain Machinery delivers a really strong and well crafted version of ‘Collapsed’. In this version the original is recognizable too. Maskfoder feat. Anticbiotic delivers a smashing cover version with ‘Mental Distortion’. Scribe Machine goes even futher as they deliver the best Front line Assembly cover version of ‘Threshold’. Thought Crime and Mark R. close this tribute cd with mediocre versions of ‘Digital Tension Dementia’ and ‘Outcast’. 7.5/10"

- Gothtronic