libitina: reflections & refractions

"'Reflections and Refractions' is the latest relese from the UK Gothic Darkwave act. With their new sound and new vocalist they have turned older sounds into newer upbeat and catchy dance tracks, designed for club play, which appeals to both goth and EBM crowds alike.

Libitina has used songs like 'Dirt I cannot wish', 'Mea Culpa', 'Coulours Revealed' and 'Painted Whiter than White' from such albums like 'A Closer Communion', 'Weltanschauung' and 'The Shadowline'.

Contributing to these 'Re-mixes' are Terrorfakt, Inertia, Swarf, K-Nitrate, Sins of the Flesh, Synthetic and Pretentious Moi.

An album you should not miss out on!"

- Underground Press


"A new remix collection from U.K. goth rockers Libitina that offers various interpretations from their last three albums. W/out sacrificing much of the raw, gloomy edge of the originals, a lot of the songs seem to have gotten just that right push over the edge w/ beefy ebm beats that's sure to please the current club scene.

Positive stand out's include "Mea Culpa [Libitina vs. Inertia Penitent mix]", "Farewell My Love [Wet Dream mix by Sins of the Flesh]", "Colours Revealed [Inertia mix]", "All that I have ever Lost [Kitchen mix]", "Painted Whiter than White [Spiro Agnew mix]", "Diomedean Exchange [K -Nitrate mix]", & "Fragility of Self [The Eyes Have It mix]".

Despite this being a remix album, Libitina doesn't fall short on providing plenty of variation from experimental noise drones, edgy electronica, to sultry electro synthpop; Strongly recommended to dj's & club fiends."

- Marcos (Grave Concerns)


"This is a remix cd by the British darkwave band Libitina. The cd starts suprisingly with the remix of ‘Valediction’ by the New York based powerindustrial project Terrorfakt. ‘Dirt I Cannot Wash’ is a nice electrotrack with guitars in the ‘Calm in a Piranha Remix by Pretentious, Moi?’. Inertia turned ‘Mea Culpa’ into a dancable EBM-trance track in the encounter Libitina versus Inertia Penitent Remix. Only, this combination doesn’t really work. The styles are too far apart to combine them in this way. ‘Dreams No More’ in the Censorius remix is a gothicrock track with electronic beats. ‘Farewell My love (Wet Dream Remix by Sins of the Flesh)’ is very well done and stays interesting. ‘Colours Revealed (Inertia Remix) is plain boring. ‘All That I Have Ever Lost (Kitchen Remix)’ too. But we already knew that of the original track. Swarf makes a smashing and swinging trance-EBM remix of ‘A Higher Unity’. Unfortunately it is spoiled by the voice which is so enormously obligate while the lyrics aren’t exactly great too. ‘Mutual Faith (Belief Mix)’ can’t be saved by the remix either. Boring gothrock and darkwave do not become nice electro and synthpop tracks, no matter how hard Belief does it’s best. ‘Painted Whiter Than White’ has been remixed ingeniously by Spiro Agnew and this is turned into a well done and catchy uptempo darkwave track. 'Shibboleth (Footstamper Remix by Synthetic) is nice too. This is a guitar driven industrial rocksong. ‘Diomedean Exchange (K-Nitrate Remix) is a nice electrotrack. ‘Fragility of Self (The Eyes Have It Mix)’ is again a track with nice moments but too boring to keep interesting. The last track is ‘Dirt I Cannot Wash (Masculosos Mix) and this is musically a very nice and groovy electrotrack, but again spoiled by the singing."

- Goth Tronic


"Riding high the hot wave of acclaim generated by their last album, The Shadowline (see review in Darklife Nr. IX), Libitina unleash a collection of reworkings and remixes of titles from their back catalogue: Reflections & Refractions.

Now, remixes and reworkings are a field leading often artists to fall flat on their premises, but this is not the case here for Libitina who have seamlessly integrated appropriate electronic elements to permeate their dark tunes, both with and without the helping hands of the remixers.

They had already made a clear move towards electronics with The Shadowline and Reflections & Refractions shows that the path is well traced to establish themselves as a staple act for the new generation of goths with technology and soul. Key point is that Libitina, rather than trading themselves for electronics at all costs or for the weak cyber trend, maintain their blueprint and get it very well embellished with beats and synths.

What hit me most though, about Reflections, is that it is comparable to a live performance, as in the song sequence, the seamless shift of moods and so on. Well, I’ve never seen the band live, so I’m just speculating here, but I can easily imagine a live show with the Reflections soundtrack.

Contributing remix artists are Inertia, K-Nitrate, Swarf, Manuskript, Synthetic and Sins of The Flesh, a very well respected line-up making this album a great candidate for the collection of a quite wide range of goth-electro followers and very well tailored to club play as well."

- Dark Life Zine