"K-Nitrate are still today one of the few great British Industrial/Crossover bands to be taken seriously. K-Nitrate was founded by two musicians, Graham Raynor and Steve Etheridge, evolving from the still highly underrated band Cubanate. The 1994 K-Nitrate debut Xenophobia was an angry production but controlled album which lacked the aggression to compete against bands like Die Krupps or Ministry.

After the departure of Steve Etheridge K-Nitrate became a one man project and became noticably harder and without compromise without sacrificing its depth and brilliance. Paralells to colleagues such as Cubanate and Devoid are obvious. Here one looks with eyes wide open; like Cubanate K-Nitrate's Hyperphobia is impressive to the max. Never a one dimensional (guitar) sound which manages to avoid Ministry's unnecessary guitar solos.

The album Hyperphobia is not a regular album, but more of a show case for the different K-Nitrate phases since 1994, containing material from three separate recording sessions. However, the time differences between the recordings are not noticable.

Hyperphobia sounds as if it came out of one recording session and shows the bands technical and production abilities without confining the sound or innovative qualities of the album.

K-Nitrate is comparable with the best of Ministry providing a genuinly angry album that provides the listener with enough variation and ideas that push the musical envelope, especially with tracks like Massacre.

The project shows unstoppable power and an original dark charm. Hyperphobia is a taste of the soon to be released proper album Hardline. One waits with interest..."

- Ecki


"It's the technometalalarm again! Drumkicks of all countries unite, Cubanators go and storm the recordshops. Waiting for you is possibly the most aggressive machine thunder of the year. Hyperphopia is a real dirty bastard of the century from Industrial and Techno, brutal, without compromise, dangerous. We've had to wait four years for a sign of life from K-Nitrate, and I have the impression that in the meantime not much daylight managed to get into the cellar where the band was working. Enough of this chatter, one can describe with two words Hyperphopia: Apocalypse Now!"

- 9MM