vultures: great discoveries & plasma ticks

"Vultures are back with their mixture of industrial metal/electro anger but too bad this isn't their full length album. Even if the CD contains ten songs, only three are new studio tracks. The other seven are remixed versions of songs coming from their first MCD ("Internal plea" and "Vulture's splendor"), remixes of new tracks ("Horrible weather" and "Live a message"), remixes of unreleased tracks ("Systematic") and a live track ("Snow").

First of all I have to admit that the new tracks ("Easy does it", "Live a message" and "Horrible weather") rock! Their mixture of power and melody will make the NIN fans question if the Vultures will become their next favorite band.

The remixed tracks (treated by PTYL, K-Nitrate, 21st Century Jesus, PTSMC and Such) are good (K-Nitrate version of "Horrible weather" differs totally from the original one and he makes out of it a really nice dance/ambient/e.b.m.) but sometimes (specially for the unreleased tracks) you feel that something is missing: you never heard the original track and a blend of distorted samples, like in the case of "Systematic", isn't enough.

This CD is a good follow up to "Vultures EP" but I wish they will release their real first album sometimes soon."

- ChainDLK