action directe: oktober / compatriat games

"Bloody hell! Four tracks on this CD Single, (two brand new and two are mixes of the new tracks), and it's just not enough! We have to wait until the new year for the new album, and I cannot wait that long!

So, this new material is good then? Oh YES! Action Directe are constantly maturing and refining their sound with each release, and the professional (and dare I say 'refined') sound on this release is breathtaking! 'Oktober' is guitar driven angst, but so easy to listen to. 'Compatriot Games' is more beat laden, and with the style of the male vocals, I'm instantly reminded of early James Ray's Gangwar in some places.The mixes of the two tracks just goes to show what can be accomplished given the strength of the original versions - the K-Nitrate mix of 'Compatriot Games' is a dance floor filler if ever there was one!

This is Industrial angst with punk overtones, coupled with modern electronic beats, and it's bloody brilliant. I said in a previous review that AD sounded like Marxism let lose with a guitar. Well, Marxism has evolved and honed it's musical talent with this offering, and with that in mind, we eagerly await the new album, while we salute the hammer and sickle."

- Keith Elcombe 4/4 (Hard-Wired)