united noise: remix theory

Released: 2011

Track listing

01. Metaltech - Burn Your Fucking Planet (Ignite Mix by System:FX)
02. The .invalid - Cry Wolf (GIT-R Remix by Ghost In The Static)
03. Kommand+Kontrol - Secret Police (DELTAWAV3 Remix)
04. Analog Angel - What You Get (Judgement Seat Panic Mix by Muta-scuM)
05. K-Nitrate - Supremacy (Backblow Mix by Metaltech)
06. Subconcious - Visitors (Binary Zero Remix)
07. Protekt - A Fragile Moment (Naked Before The Throne mix by Muta-scuM)
08. Metaltech - Burn Your Fucking Planet (K-Nitrate Kyohen Network Remix)
09. Supremacy - (i! Stepped On It Mix)
10. Nightmare Frequency - Animal (Remixed by Salamander)
11. Binary Remix - What Do Black Holes Do? (Subconcious Remix)