libitina: reflections & refractions

Released: 2004

Track listing

01. Valediction (Terrorfakt Remix)
02. Dirt I Cannot Wash (Calm In A Piranha Remix by Pretentious, Moi?)
03. Mea Culpa (Libitina vs. Inertia Penitent Remix)
04. Dreams No More (Censorius Mix)
05. Farewell My Love (Wet Dream Remix by Sins Of The Flesh)
06. Colours Revealed (Inertia Remix)
07. All That I Have Ever Lost (Kitchen Mix)
08. A Higher Unity (Swarf Remix)
09. Mutual Faith (Belief Mix)
10. Painted Whiter Than White (Spiro Agnew Mix)
11. Shibboleth (Footstamper Remix by Synthetic)
12. Diomedean Exchange (K-Nitrate Remix)
13. Fragility Of Self (The Eyes Have It Mix)
14. Dirt I Cannot Wash (Maculosus Mix)