Released: 2007

Track listing

01. Laser Guided (The War on Audio by UCNX)
02. Mental Poison (Into The Cortex Remix by Gusto Extermination Fluid)
03. Atomic (Dirty Dub Version by The Pain Machinery)
04. Mental Poison (Alternative Mix by K-Nitrate)
05. Ascension (Krishna Blue Sunrise Mix by C8K)
06. Cyanide (Is It Hard Enough Remix by SemiOn)
07. Atomic (Zero Gravity Remix by Gusto Extermination Fluid)
08. Mental Poison (Vocal Remix by K-Nitrate)
09. Atomic (Atom by K-Nitrate)
10. Fat America (SemiOn Junk Food Junky Remix)
11. Transmit (Dead Receiver Remix by Skink)