Industrial Techno pioneers 'K-Nitrate' began life in early 1993 with Graham Rayner and Steve Etheridge. Their highly anticipated first album, 'Xenophobia' was released within months. With its fiercely political commentary of the first Gulf War, 'Xenophobia' pulled no punches with tracks like "Human Shield" and "Killer Religion".

'Xenophobia' was a superlative debut.

1996 saw the recruitment of guitarist Dan Waldman and the release of the 'Hyperphobia' EP. 'Hyperphobia' contained remixes of material from 'Xenophobia' and five new tracks that showcased the band's move to a more intense live sound.

Shortly after the release of 'Hyperphobia' both Etheridge and Waldman left 'K-Nitrate' to persue other projects, whilst Rayner continued alone.

During his involvement with side project, 'Tramazi', Rayner was introduced to programmer Christian Weber. The result of this musical union meant 'K-Nitrate' gigged extensively, whilst simultaneously providing remixes for various artists as time permitted.

In 2007 their second studio album, 'Active Cell', accompanied by the remix album 'Mutagen', was released. The dancefloor friendly hooks in 'Active Cell' saw 'K-Nitrate' reach a wider audience than had previously been achieved with their earlier material.

2010 saw the release of their third studio album 'Voltage'. Featuring ten tracks full of blistering EBM basslines, infectious grooves and unrelenting Techno beats, "Voltage" provides a modern, harder, take on the classic K-Nitrate sound.

Released in 2011, 'Stark Punk', the remix companion to 'Voltage' set its sights firmly on the dancefloor, with no concession to prevailing fads or trends. 'Stark Punkt' displays a purity of purpose in its sublimation to the relentless rhythmic pulse that burns through its nine tracks. Particular mention must go to the guest appearance of Douglas (Dog) Sudia of US coldwave act [U][C][N][X], on the searing 'Hate in The States'.

Since their retirement in 2014 K-Nitrate have released material from their archives on an ad hoc basis via the K-Nitrate Bandcamp page.

In 2019 K-Nitrate released a new single called 'Viper House'.